Tuesday, September 13, 2005

4th of July

Okay...so...fine, this is a little behind. Oh, well. This will help provide a little context for how quickly Gavin is growing up.

Anyway, we went on Saturday night to watch a fireworks display at a mortuary near our house (yes, a mortuary - don't ask, we don't know - but it's a good party anyway). Here are some shots from that night.

The mortuary sponsors a pretty good party, and they come around just after the sun sets to hand out popsicles to everyone there. This was Gavin's first "cold treat" experience, and needless to say, he was pleased.

Gavin actually had a ball - just watching people and having everyone entertain him.

Just wait till you see the pictures in the next post - you won't believe it.

Gavin really enjoyed the show - he was smiling and having a great time.

Caleb, being the pyro that all young boys are, of course had a marvelous time.

And it was quite the show.

I wish I had brought a tripod for this shot - I couldn't see where I was aiming, but it turned out okay.

So, that was our 4th of July celebration this year. Good times.

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