Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Gavin eats...or tries to anyway...

We took the plunge. Gavin was getting too big to survive on mommy and formula alone, so it was time to give him the messy stuff.

Caleb, after an early, messy stage, has turned into a nearly obsessive compulsive clean eater. I'm not sure what to hope for with Gavin. On the one hand, clean is good, on the other, Caleb freaks out when it's not clean, so...whatever.

Anyway, here is the record of Gavin's first bites.

Like any good child we REALLY want to get our hands on whatever is being waved in front of us.

So, let's solve the problem...

We have a spoon in our hands now - so it's all good.

The biggest problem is that it just won't stay in there. Of course, the fact that he sticks his tongue out isn't helping any, but still...

The trick is to open your mouth. Caleb really enjoys helping feed baby brother - it's oh, so much fun. He really wants to be the one to wield the spoon, but that just ain't gonna happen.

It's all just a little overwhelming the first time - isn't it?

This was a week ago or so and he's doing much better. He is actually opening his mouth now and eating well. His weight has reached a plateau and he's down from his heaviest of just over 20 lbs. to just over 19 lbs. Still a healthy boy by any definition, but not quite as chunky as he has been.

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